Friday, 5 August 2011

Angel Today Demon Tomorow

These are an opinion on a debate that has raged on the last few days in the Opensim Metaverse concerning Patents and Opensim

and this is really a reply to a post by Maria Korolov from hypergrid Business site as I felt it was far too long and rambling to sensibly post it there link

Wow Maria finally has in her comments actually has seen this whole Facebook/twitter etc  tie up to a virtual world as I have, flexibility and choices are what is needed and you know my most important point has always been information protection of real identities. But hey people don’t see what there giving away with a Facebook link click and how it can be used against them in various ways not just data mining or advertising. How you interact with that world is most important not being forced to use you’re real name let people have the choice to create a user name is a basic in my book and virtually every online game I have ever used

I also have tried the viewer loader and as that is all it is not a browser viewer. It works ok tech wise nothing super special there really but is an ok experience although I have tried similar things before personal opinion why run 2 programs to do one programs job?

The viewer source is owned by Linden Lab and terms there in must be adhered to so making claims of this and that on what the plugin is supposedly doing needs researching by those that feels it threatens there very lively hood and find out the complete true facts on what the part of it that is unique if at all there is anything that is.

Now if I was from the outside and I mean SL users which predominately are Opensim based worlds potential market who have joined SL in the last couple of years and believe me I talk to them all the time they have no idea about what the latest bun fight’s are about, the majority don’t care what we all bleat about.  The important thing is the end user wants their unique experience. they just want to play and have fun and meet like minded people and do there particular thing.
And if I were them I would look at all of this and say wow they don’t agree on anything, which sadly has dogged open source projects from the dawn of them. Opensim historically has always had this,  it is sad but true (even I am to blame for that with my ramblings). ;)
Look at Maria’s grid statistic list, Who knows what tech grids are using in there delivery of there worlds or what they feel is their sole work and they are not prepared to give it away Opensource especially if they have had proprietary code work done.
Some have given back code but was not always used in the core that’s the nature of Opensource. I hope with the setting up of the Overte foundation that things may change soon when it’s finally live but then we have to put faith in those dev's to do the right thing and I’m pretty sure they will or we wont have anything to work on.

my last point is I keep seeing this Opensim community bashed around on all the blogs can anyone explain to me what community, as there’s so many off shoot and factions from one grid or another.
 I don’t see it and I have been involved since the earliest days of this effort and there’s nowhere you can point and say hey that’s the Opensim community well other than maybe OSgrid but that’s long way under half of the big picture.

All this recent debate to me has created the vigilantly style of support my view  if you don’t your with them, well I for one and many I see posting do not get swayed on opinion unless its laid out properly and concisely and correctly and with sensible debate.

Witch hunts are very dangerous as who will be next accused as I don’t see any perfect white knights out there in Opensim and many have skeletons they would not want revelled. Angel today Demon tomorrow but in the most part there are some decent hard working people for the majority and most are not in it for profit but there is nothing wrong with making money from true hard work of your own or collaboration with others .

So please think before you cast stones everyone it may be you next on the chopping block!

And Special thanks in no particular order

Gaga Gracious

Ener Hax

Maria Korolov

For they’re dedication to getting out there blogging and making debate happen in the Opensim metaverse and letting me play devils advocate ;)

I wish to thank all those people that do actually bother to post replies and opinion I think it’s a start towards a something for Opensim worlds of some sort of democratic opinion in part and above all one thing I hope we all can agree to disagree amicably :)